God expects you to be diligent to move into His glory realm and to live by faith.

You have been given everything you need to access the glory realm through His divine nature. When you learn to operate in the things God asks of you, you’ll become an access point for the glory of God in that moment. In this mini-course you will learn: 1. How you have access to the glory realms today 2. How God’s divine nature and knowledge of Him enable you to have access to the glory 3. What are the keys to the glory realm 4. Why godliness is a virtue and why it's so important if you want to see the glory 5. What is a glory opportunity and how do you take advantage when it presents itself.
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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Accessing the Glory Realm - Dr. Candice Smithyman

    2. Welcome to Accessing the Glory Realm

    3. Introduction to the Glory Realms

    4. Keys to the Glory Realm

    5. Bonus Teaching - Dr. Candice and Jennifer Eivaz

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Your Instructor

Dr. Candice Smithyman

Dr. Candice Smithyman is an international prophetic revivalist & healing minister who is Founding Pastor (retired) of Freedom Destiny Church with husband, Adam, and Vice President of Dream Mentors International. She is also Host of the Glory Road Television broadcast shown on a variety of networks and also Hosts Your Path to Destiny on ISN- It’s Supernatural Network. She has appeared on Sid Roth’s Its Supernatural among other shows, and is the author of “Releasing Heaven: Creating a Supernatural Environment through Heavenly Encounters” and “Angels of Fire: The Ministry of Angels in the End Time Revival” among other books and publications. For a full bio you may visit: www.candicesmithyman.com