It's Not Too Late To Change!

Do you feel dry, defeated, or stuck into old thinking of unworthiness? Many of the mighty men and women of God experienced these same feelings yet they overcame and did great exploits for the Lord. This course will teach you how to press through excuses, fears, and wrong beliefs to become the overcomer God designed you to be. This FREE Mini-Couse has fours lessons designed to guide you through how to change negative perceptions, hindering lies, and remove obstacles that may be holding you back from entering into your God-given assignments. God is a change-agent. He wants to blow newness into your life. We will examine many Biblical characters and how God changed their view of themselves and implemented hope for their promises which ultimately set them up to influence and change environments and nations. Discover what may be holding you back from becoming all that you were called to be. Be open to the Holy Spirit, who is your Guide. Get ready to step into the abundant life God promised.
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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Change Is Possible - Lois Flewelling

    2. Lesson #1 - The Winds Are Blowing

    3. Lesson #2 - The Wind Is Blowing On Your Life!

    4. Lesson #3 - What Is Holding You Back?

    5. Lesson #4 - Speak To Those Dry Bones

About this course

  • Free
  • 5 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Your Instructor

Speaker / Author / Teacher Lois Flewelling

Lois is an engaging speaker, teacher, and author who flows in the prophetic anointing to empower individuals to walk out in their God-given destiny. She is an international speaker who teaches on how to enter and walk out in your God anointed assignments.  Sharing many of her own supernatural experiences, Lois’ assignment is to guide individuals into increased belief of who they are and walk out in the fullness of who God says they are.  This includes teaching about visions, dreams, angelic encounters, and miraculous encounters in the Lord.  Her passion is for training and equipping the Body of Christ through practical, Bible-based teaching, prayer ministry and discipleship. She teaches and speaks about walking in our identity as Christians, inner healing, spiritual warfare, the prophetic, understanding our true authority, deliverance, and operating in the supernatural. Lois is president of Empowering Life Center, an equipping and training ministry. She owns her own counseling business and is the founder of The Gathering, a church based in Houlton, Maine. She hosts A New Level Awaits You! podcast on Charisma Podcast Network.