Get ready to encounter the presence of God!

In "Unlocking The Power Of The Secret Place" I am going to show you how to position yourself to encounter the presence of God every time you come to the place of prayer. I'll walk you through how to posture yourself to receive divine revelation from the heart of God straight to yours. You'll learn how to receive the Love of God like never before...a love that leads to deliverance of fears and a boldness of knowing your identity in Christ.
Watch Intro Video

Watch the Intro Video

Course curriculum

    1. Love Of God

    2. Encountering God

    1. My Story

    1. How To

    2. Heart Posture

    3. Expectations

    1. Keys To

    2. Our Request

    1. Desire

    2. The Word

    3. Mining The Word

    4. Meditate On The Word

About this course

  • $79.00
  • 23 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Your Instructor

Pastor / Author / Teacher Jeff Struss

Jeff is an emerging apostolic voice in this generation. He has a passion to experience the presence of God and to help others do the same. He and his wife JoAnna are founding pastors of the church community Life Center Lynchburg. He heads Jeff Struss Ministries, Inc, an international, non-profit organization that seeks to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through books, podcasts as well as new media technology. Jeff is also the CEO of Jeff Struss The Brand and hosts a weekly podcast on Charisma Podcast Network titled, Presence, Power & Glory with Jeff Struss. He is the proud father of 4 children and resides in Orlando FL.