Terms of Service

Charisma Media is the publisher and administrator of Charisma Courses.   

Each paid course featured on Charisma Courses provides a subscription service (annual through lifetime) to the various online courses offered.

Your subscription will begin immediately once your enrollment fee is processed.  Your enrollment comes with a minimum 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If for any reason you start your online subscription and are not satisfied with the video training content within the first seven days, simply cancel your subscription and we'll refund your entire enrollment fee. Refunds will not be issued after the initial 7-day guarantee period. 

Note: Some instructors will offer a slightly different guarantee. When stated, their personal guarantee takes precedent.

As a Charisma Courses student, you agree to keep your login and password confidential. You may not give out your credentials for another person to use this service. Doing so is a violation of this agreement and may result in loss of service. As a Charisma Courses student, you may use your login credentials on multiple devices for training purposes.